The Southern Process 

Anytime someone mentions branding or website design it can be overwhelming. let me guess you just got the chills thinking about and you already think you should just give up the thought? Well Don't!

creating a brand for your business is a very in-depth process that involves not only looking deep down inside yourself, but also who you want to attract as your customer and how you want them to see you.
I completely get it! Your wondering how do i attract them but not seem full of it or maybe your thinking what if i look completely stupid like i don't know what im doing!! 

Well guess what.... Been there done that darling! 
That is why building a brand is so much more than just that "pretty" logo you see. it’s about what you communicate to your clients, what they think of you, and your business. 


I help my clients tell their stories, bring their message across and attract those dream clients we are always talking about. One brand at at time with out the stress that usual falls on top of their shoulders. Through the process every client gains confidence in who they are, their business, their consistent brand, and how to have clarity about their core values and mission. 

Questionnaires aka the homework  

We've chatted or had coffee, we know we are a good fit and the contacts have been signed!
Now it's time for me to get to know you better! I mean i wanna know everything! 
I'll send over a detailed questionnaire that asks the difficult questions. This questionnaire helps me to help you evaluate your ideal clients, what your company's core values are, what sets you apart, and gives me better insight into what you're wanting to gain from your branding. We also pin our hearts out here so that we can get visuals for the next stage! 

Discovery Phase 

As you may see by now I love to dive deep into what makes your brand so special and how to bring it through in design. For this reason we have the discovery phase which is the middle between being at the very start and moving on to design concept. This is where I am going to break down everything you told me and assemble it all together with a mood board visual, brand colors, and break down the who, what, and how of it all.
This step may be a smaller stepping stone but it provides the ground to stand on moving forward. 


Time to have some fun! 
I am going to dive deeper into strategy and design with the concepts. This is where i get to play around and come up with the best designs to present you that have purpose and strategy behind them. Once I craft the perfect logo I am going a step further and wrapping it all up in perfect package to present to you. This brand presentation is not just one simple logo it is all your logos and complete brand designed + some fun examples of ways you can implement your branding into real life items. 
By putting together a presentation for you this shows you your business with the impactful branding it could have and really just brings it to life! 
(Can you tell I love this part?)

Refine till perfect

Loved the first concept? YAY! that means we skip this stage and straight to collateral items or final touches! 
We missed something? Don't worry, that is exactly what this stage is for! 
During this phase is the time to refine it until you are 100% in love with it. Meaning we can make tweaks to the font, change a symbol, trade out one thing for another, etc. You get the point but this is here for you to know that I am not just throwing something at you I truly care and will work with you until it's 100%! 

final touches

Once the final approval is given, the logos are signed off on, collateral items have been designed (and the puppy is snoring in the corner) it is time for me to put the final touches on everything to prepare them for you! 
I am gong to go to town on saving every file combination for you that I can think of to make sure you have them all. I am also going to be creating your brand guidelines which will set the standard for your brand from here on out and lead you in the right direction to insure cohesive branding.  Oh and I love to make all my clients launch graphics for them to show off their sparkly new brand with! 

launch day!!

This is the best day ever! Almost as good as Christmas!! (y'all thats saying something cause I love Christmas!)
Brand launches are so much fun and so exciting! This is where I pop a bottle of champagne (hypothetically... ok maybe actually) and together we launch your brand. This is done via social media. We will hype it up the week of and then on launch day, you and I will announce your brand together! 
So fun! 

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