Molly Sue Photography – Custom Showit Website Design

Let me just start out by saying Molly is the sweetest person ever!! I am so excited to show you this perfect custom showit website design for this fabulous wedding Photographer! Molly is a wedding photographer based in New Jersey who is SOO TALENTED! I loved getting to know Molly through our project and seeing the experience that she gives every bride. I found myself just wanting to ask her all the wedding photo questions and just chat with her every time we talked! While working with her I instantly knew why all of her brides and grooms adore her so much! 

Before our project, Mollys website was hosted on WIX and just didn’t reflect who she or her ideal client was any more. Y’all remember as your business grows, you often need to update your message and image to go with it! 

Her brand new website reflects the personality, amazing photography, and services she offer. Her website is set up to grow with her for years to come and attract all those perfect couples! 

My Favorite things about her site:

  • Here amazing photography: I instantly fell in love with all of her photos! I had never really thought about what I would want my wedding photos to look like but now I know. Y’all her photos speak for themselves!
  • The home page: I adore the video that she wanted to have play on a loop when you first pull up the site and let me tell you it is everything! By watching the video you can instantly tell the kind of connection she has with her brides and the fun they have while shooting.
  • The simplicity of it: We both knew from the beginning that there didn’t need to be a lot of fluff but a place where her photography could shiner brighter that ever and truly showcase it in every way.

Now, time to here what Molly had to say about it all!

What’s your favorite part of your new website?

EVERYTHING, literally!

How do you think this updated look will impact your business and business growth?

I’m hoping that this will not only bring more clients, but also attract more destination clients!

And y’all when I asked Molly to tell me about herself this is what she said: (I think we are made to be best friends!)

“I’m a NJ + Destination Wedding Photographer, living by the beach with my two French bulldogs, 5 month baby boy + hubby. I always say altheisure has become a motto because you can usually find me rocking some nikes + sipping on some sweet tea 7/7 days a week 😉 OR at home goods buying things that I really don’t need.”

“Sarah took my site + my brand and gave it a COMPLETE makeover! I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to have found Sarah! Not only is she incredibly talented, but she’s so sweet + genuine, really cares about her clients goals and wants to make sure everything is 100% perfect in every aspect of the project, from start to finish. She’s extremely organized, has fresh ideas, is creative, listens + answers, resolves problems, the list goes on and on. She really took my brand and my new site to another level and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Sarah! :)”

Head over to Molly’s new website!

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